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body time

The body experiences time differently than the mind.

When we meditate we slow the mind down to the body’s pace, or speed it up-depending on how you understand “present time ” functions. The mind jumps around while the body sifts through time unobstructed, dissolving the concept all together. For the body there is no sequence of events except for what is being tasted of now.

See that mind; how it layers on memories onto our skin. History gets grafted onto the human skin through mind and creates reactions where there once were none. The skin, the body is just one big sensory organ receiving information and distributing to the brain.


You might see more of me. I let my writing fall by the way side as I got into work and into pottery. But I’ve missed laying out myself and mind in words. So hopefully this is the beginning of…some more pieces of the puzzle.

in the mean time, here’s the other art I’ve been up to

December 2014 sold March 2015

December 2014
sold March 2015


first cone 6 glaze firing at my studio in Mississuaga May 2015

My first set of bowls (December 2014)

My first set of bowls (December 2014)

More cone 6 May 2015

More cone 6
May 2015